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Areas of Interest

Professional accountant working with documents and a calculator

Acquire the necessary skills to record financial transactions and analyze business from a numbers perspective. Access new opportunities learning tax preparation, managing financial statements and organizing your accounting data with QuickBooks.

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Finance and Investment

Gain knowledge of investing in stocks, bonds, and money instruments as well as developing strategies for effective investing. Utilize tools to help make sound financial decisions in business.

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Management and HR

Grasp the knowledge in management and human resources to grow into a more effective manager and leader. Learn about human resource law and practices which can help protect you and your business and become an instrumental member of your team’s success.

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Envision yourself as a successful business owner obtaining the capabilities to establish, operate, manage and grow your own initiative. Develop your ideas, formulate business plans and stay up-to-date with best practices in marketing and finance to achieve great results.

Image combining logistic trades with a plain, trucks and containers at a port
Logistics and Distribution

With the most complete and up-to-date information, learn from expert instructors about the latest practices regarding Import/Export, freight forwarding, customs processing, and freight brokerage.

Real Estate agent on a desk with property keys at hand
Real Estate

Immerse yourself in the Real Estate industry, acquiring the knowledge to work as a Sales Associate and learn how to identify investment opportunities. Prepare to take the Florida Sales Associate Examination or Community Association Manager Examination.

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Whether desiring to become an insurance agent, title agent, insurance customer service representative or claims adjuster, insurance pre-licensing classes will help prepare you to take the exams at the Florida state level.

professional worker at construction site
Construction and Trades

Become a skilled trade worker or general contractor with the most complete courses available, offering real hands-on experience that can lead you to a certificate in construction or prepare you for the Florida Certified General Contractor License exam.

Marketing professional with a tablet looking at some analytics and trends

Attain skills and advanced tools that any company can rely on to improve its strategic thinking, customer base and brand awareness, helping you to support any business in need of a creative edge.

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General Business

Acquire the skills that will give you the foundations to successfully work in any management position. Explore a wide variety of areas to expand your knowledge and fulfill your business goals.

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