Hospital hallway with medical personal in the background

Areas of Interest

Image of a heart with diagrams and a stethoscope
American Heart Association

Acquire comprehensive Life Support techniques and become knowledgeable in CPR procedures, first aid and advanced emergency cardiovascular care. Accredited by the American Heart Association, these courses are aimed at healthcare professionals, first responders, anyone with little or no medical training who requires a course completion and general public.

Dental hygienist with instruments
Dental Hygienist

Students will obtain overall knowledge in basics concepts related with dental procedures such as local anesthesia, and gain experience in medical history review, vital sign assessment, record keeping, patient management, infection control techniques and proper disposal of sharps.

Paramedic in a EMT uniform near an ambulance
Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT)

Are you seeking to become an EMT? These courses meet and exceed the Paramedic National Standards Curricular standards necessary to sit for the EMT license State of Florida Board Exam for the first time or need to renew their paramedic licensure.

MRI technician with a patience doing a magnetic resonance
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Build the technical skills required to become certified by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT). Our instructors are ready to provide you with high standard classes and set you up nicely to become certified in MRI. Get knowledgeable about equipment manipulation, MRI procedures, patient care, MRI safety and MRI protocols.

group of nurses in a hospital
Test Preparation

Achieve the necessary skills and techniques to obtain the best results on different health care exams. Become familiar with test formats and grasp effective test taking strategies. Reading comprehension, writing and mathematical problems-skills are assessed and enhanced with practice tests, along with specific content subjects when appropriate.

Diverse group of medical personnel in a hospital setting
Health Care Certifications

Receive the very best training from the most experienced health care experts and instructors. With theory as well as real life scenario practices, students have the best tools available to obtain their certifications and propel their paths in this rewarding field.

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