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Areas of Interest

Laptop with a business application running, showing data tables and graphics
Business Applications

Learn how to effectively use and apply standard and specialized business software applications with practical uses for accounting, information and data processing, and more. Find the perfect course and level for your needs and become an advanced user of Microsoft Office and QuickBooks.

Desk with several computers in a computer room
Intro to Computers

Become proficient in the use of personal computers and learn how to interact efficiently with interfaces such as Windows, MS Office, Emails platforms and other common applications. This course is perfect for anyone interested in mastering basic programs and systems.

Graphic designer using a computer with a mouse tablet
Graphic Design and Creative Applications

Take your ideas to new places with our creative applications courses for photography, design, video, web, UX, and more.

Digital rendering of a 3D building over a light blue background
Computer-Aided Design

Learn the industry standard CAD applications with our course series covering from basic features to advanced modeling workflow for architects, engineers, and construction professionals rely on to create precise 2D and 3D drawings.

Computer screen with programing code from a website
Programming and Web Development

Acquire advance knowledge to launch a new career in web or software development and take advantage of unique short-term programs designed to provide high-demand skills and innovative technologies for developers.

Person in front of a big array of screens with a circuit image in cloud shape
Cloud Computing

Learn about cloud computing platforms and how they integrate and manage products and services to bring innovative solutions to life. Build, run and manage applications across multiple clouds with the tools and frameworks of your choice.

Person holding a laptop with an image of a digital brain circuit
Artificial Intelligence

Acquire the knowledge on technologies and algorithms that enable systems to identify patterns, make decision and improve themselves through experience and data. Start your path into this high-demand field of Emerging Technologies.

Cybersecurity expert with laptop in a computer server room

Learn how to identify and manage security risks, implement controls and report cybersecurity incidents. A must have service for any industry that records and keeps important data; there are countless businesses waiting to be shielded.

Technician installing a computer processor on a desktop mother board
Computer Repair

Learn about computer components and acquire the skills and strategies used by professionals to repair computers. From hard disk management to upgrading and maintaining hardware and software.

IT professional working with computer servers
Information Technology

Become a stronger candidate for IT positions or add an extra layer of confidence to your current skills with our IT certification courses and get ready to attain the practical experience to complete the tasks required in many tech industry roles.

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