A belly dancer in a dance studio

Areas of Interest

Art canvas with brushes for fine art
Fine Arts

Whether you are a budding artist, or ready to move forward in your journey, we have the right class for you. A pleasurable hobby for the senses or the foundation of a more sophisticated path into arts through lines and shapes, colors and forms.

Dance couple in a studio performing

Dynamic lessons with our engaging instructors provide fun yet challenging classes and push you to the next level with well-designed, captivating performances. Choose from a wide variety of classes, such as Ballroom Dancing, Belly Dance, Bollywood Indian-Style Dance, Latin Dancing or Brazilian Samba.

Music artist playing the piano

Whether your talent is your voice, string instrument or brass, we have the perfect class for you. Learn how to play a new instrument or improve your skills with talented guidance of our professional instructors. We offer group classes, private classes, and a well-recognized civic chorale.

Couple of theater mask over the stage

Master the wide spectrum of dramatic arts disciplines to become a better performer. Learn with experienced acting coaches ready to give you the confidence you need to exploit this wonderful talent. An endless source of entertainment.

Fashion designer making a digital draw on a screen

Get the conceptual knowledge and design-making techniques required to transform your creative vision into professional statements. Start your path in the fashion industry here and learn the skills and techniques most demanded to and fulfill essential roles in this field.

Interior design tools over a table
Creative Activities

Explore among an interesting variety of creative field, develop techniques and improve your abilities to express yourself through photography, floral design, jewelry and other interesting activities.

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